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Investment Management For
Mid-Career Professionals

People in their 30's and 40's face volatile investment markets, soaring college costs, and questions about how -- and how much -- to save in order to accumulate wealth for eventual retirement. We have expertise in the financial challenges that mid-career professionals face and we will help you along the path to your goals.  

As with all our clients, we first focus on improving your investments. We determine an asset allocation appropriate for your circumstances, achieve diversification within your portfolio, and evaluate investment risks and opportunities. While our $350,000 (Indianapolis) or $500,000 (Los Angeles) minimum applies to accounts managed by Greenleaf Financial Group, we will provide advice for your current workplace retirement plan at no extra cost.  

Once we begin overseeing your investment accounts, we will then help you establish a long-term financial plan. As your life evolves and your career advances, we will make sure you stay on track to meet your goals. 

Long-term financial planning provides numerous benefits to you and your family. We will be there to assist you along the way: 


Making the most of your money 
Are you feeling behind in retirement savings or paying for college? At this stage of your life, it is critical that we assess your progress toward your long-term goals and make any necessary adjustments. 

Benefitting from change 
Are you starting a new job or career, relocating, or expanding your family? We will help you navigate the many changes that take place during your life. 

Protections for you and your family 
Do you have sufficient emergency reserves and the proper documents and insurance in case something unfortunate happens? We assess and review your financial security together in a thoughtful, sales-free manner. 

As Certified Financial Planners®, we use a broad base of financial-planning knowledge in the areas of insurance planning, income tax planning, estate planning, and retirement planning to help you achieve lifetime financial security. 

Stacks of Coins

Effective investment management requires time, resources, oversight, and discipline.

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