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Transitioning from a regular salary to living off your investments can be a daunting change.  For those who've said goodbye to the workforce, we help you maintain the quality of life that you worked so hard to achieve.  

We first make sure that your investments are appropriate for your circumstances. We focus on achieving and maintaining an appropriate level of investment risk and seek to invest tax-efficiently. Your portfolio will incorporate the best of your current investments, while filling in any gaps. 

Your portfolio will be set up to provide income in a convenient manner and we ensure that any required annual withdrawals are done correctly. This may be a good time to consolidate accounts, rollover old workplace plans, and update beneficiaries. Our expertise in all these considerations -- and many more -- will be put to work for you.  

We assist retirees in: 


Choosing the right retirement decisions  
As a full-service firm, we help you make key pension and Social Security decisions. 

Making your money last 
Longer lives are the norm. To make sure you maintain financial security throughout your lifetime, we create a personal Retirement Security Analysis that analyzes your spending and income sources, while adjusting for inflation and taxes.  

Navigating constant change  
Each year brings regulatory changes or new legislation. We keep you informed so that you can benefit from changes in tax or estate regulations. 

Your ongoing relationship with Greenleaf Financial Group provides you with expertise in the areas of retirement planning, estate planning, investment planning, income tax planning, and insurance planning.

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We are only satisfied when you feel comfortable and knowledgable about your money.

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