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Investment Management for Young Professionals

Young professionals, especially those with children, face both risks and opportunities. Whether it is planning for college, investing an inheritance, or maximizing the many ways that you can save for the future, we have the expertise and the desire to help you navigate a course of financial successes. 

Investment management with Greenleaf Financial Group provides you with a personal investment strategy maintained by ongoing, active management. Your asset allocation and investment lineup are chosen specifically to match your circumstances. Customization, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, is a hallmark of our strategy. 

Although we require a $500,000 minimum aggregate starting value for accounts managed by Greenleaf Financial Group, we will also provide advice for any current workplace retirement plans at no extra cost. Once we begin overseeing your investment accounts, we will then review additional financial considerations. 


We will advise you on:


Making your money work for you 
From buying a home to saving for your kid's college, changing careers, or starting a business, we help you manage the competing demands for your savings and investments.  

Choosing investment accounts 
IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, individual and joint accounts, 529 plans, and custodial accounts all have advantages and disadvantages that must be aligned with your goals and priorities.

Protections for you and your family 
Do you have sufficient emergency reserves and the proper documents and insurance in case something unfortunate happens? We assess and review your financial security together in a thoughtful, sales-free manner.


Greenleaf Financial Group is a fee-only firm run solely by Certified Financial Planners®. As you experience career, family, or personal transitions, we will be there to make sure you remain on the right path! 

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Compelling circumstances for financial planning and preparation.

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